Best Auto Clicker 2020


Best Auto Clicker 2020

1. Auto Clicker


The official centre of auto clicker tool established in late 2019.
They aim to provide a legit and working tool to all users who came here for the Auto Clicker tool.
They wish to expand as a hub where you could find all the information related to technology, smartphone tricks, and tips, and most importantly, how you can use Auto Clicker tool and its application in a legal and legit way.

Apart from these, they also publish some of the best Auto Clicker in their respective categories on our website.
Their site usually consits of Android Auto Clicker, Mac Auto Clicker, Auto Clicker for Roblox, GS Auto Clicker, Op Auto Clicker and Minecraft Auto Clicker.

They have been researching, learning, and taking action, all in hopes to give you genuine Auto Clicker tool.

And that’s how was born! 🙂

They teamed up with several excellent developers who have been following the working tricks and have noticed the patterns on how the games work using Auto Clicker.
All to help our readers and fellow gamers community.

Features of

Ease and Efficiency – When you want an auto-clicking software for your gaming, work or whatever it is that you do at your computer, you do not just need fast and easy auto-clicking, but you also want it to be accurate and efficient.
This auto-clicking software not only effectively and precisely create accurate left and right clicks, but it does so with 100% accuracy.
It will automatically generate the kind of clicks that you’d record for its learning – even while you’re not on your computer.
Universal Use – I know – I’ve used the word ‘gaming’ or ‘games’ so frequently so far and this might have you thinking that this tool is mainly to help gamers or it would be effective only on a particular program.
The matter of fact is that it works equally good – irrespective of whether it’s a game, a software, an app or anything on your computer.
Precision and Freedom – You can customize this tool the way you want and get maximum possible results. You can customize it to the point of precision that you want.
For example, it can show the X and Y coordinates of the clicking point, it allows you to record as many click points as you want and you can tweak the time interval as well.
Free Tool – This is free of cost tool that not only saves your money that you’d otherwise spend on an auto-clicker as good as this one, but it also increases the lifetime of your mouse.

2. Free Auto Clicker


Free Auto Clicker

In case you’ve been in dire need of an auto clicker for Mac or Windows, you must have come across Free Auto Clicker once or twice.

This is one of the best free auto-clicker for PC – and its features make it way better and different than most of the entry-level auto-clicking software.

The best thing about this auto-clicker is not only the fact that it is free of cost, but that it can be easily configured and customized for the kind of mouse clicking that you need for efficient, easy and fast gaming or other purposes.



The purpose of the tool is to
a) save you from the constant clicking and the pain/irritation arising out of it, and
b) increase the life-span of your mouse, because you do not have to use that as much as you otherwise do.


3.  Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro is an open-source and free of cost auto-clicking tool, just like any other free auto clicker for Android or PC.

Speed – Need for Speed … this is the name of the game when it comes to auto-clicking tools and software. This one is no exception. It creates 1-1000 mouse events which amount to as much as 100,000 mouse clicks per second. We know that you do not need this pace – but that’s the speed you enjoy with this tool.
All-Inclusive – You might not feel like aha if I told you that this mouse-clicking tool is more inclusive than many standard auto-clickers for Chromebook or Android/iOS tablets. It does not only include right and left clicks, but the middle button is also included.
Trigger Key – Enjoy the freedom of selecting any trigger key either from the mouse or the keyboard. You can choose the arbitrary keyboard key to trigger auto-clicking or choose a mouse button for the job.


4. GS Auto Clicker


GS Auto Clicker

I won’t say that GS Auto Clicker is the best auto-clicker. However, the matter of fact is that it is one of the top auto-clicking software – one that got praised by Editors on Cnet and they declared it a 4 star kind of good product.

I would second that opinion because I’ve tried many auto-clicking/tapping tools and apps. My auto clicker for iOS still needs the kind of features that I noticed while using this tool.


Hotkey – Just like another top of the line auto clicking software, this one also allows you to pick the hotkey.

The hotkey can be pressed/clicked to initiate the clicking process.
Recording – As you might have noticed in case of top auto clicking software, they let you record the clicks while performing a different kind of functions on the screen – this one also does the same. Record the click sequences once and for all – and then your tool will take care of the clicking.
Customization – This tool does not have just as many customization options as you might enjoy in case of other such tools like Free Auto Clicker, but it surely lets you do a fair amount of customization. You can select a trigger button, you can select whether clicks would be singles ones or double ones and you can set for the time it will do auto-clicking. Just like in case of other tools, you can interval – and customize it based on hours, minutes or seconds: even milliseconds.


5. Perfect Automation



Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation is not just another auto clicking tool – it is a swiss-knife of process automation – as the name suggests.

The tool is made around many features and not just one feature: auto-clicking. There are many other types of computer control automation are included.

Do they make this tool something like a jack of all trades and you’d skip the idea of using it (coz you only need an auto-clicker) or you can make use of all features: especially auto-clicking?


Keyboard & Mouse Recording – The feature that you should be concerned with the least is auto-clicking/recording. You can record your keyboard and mouse-related behaviours while you use the computer and see how this program flawlessly follows.
Script Editor – If you want a script editor kind of tool that can automate any task, create executable files, can follow hundreds of visual commands and allows you to add your own commands, this tool is made for you.
Scheduler – What if you use your computer for work or studies and you have to schedule a lot of things on your computer? You have a list of programs that you use every day and you want a tool to start those programs at predefined times? This one can do the job.


Although using the software brings up the question of ethics in a few cases, it is still a useful software for many. In professional industries where clicks are everything, this software can be a blessing in disguise.